KTL corner-bearing end carriages

Single and double-girder designs

DFW end carriages

Ready for connection to overhead travelling cranes and superstructures

KTL corner-bearing end carriages

For high load capacities with up to 4 travel wheels

DFW D travel units

Ready for connection to suspension cranes

Solutions ready for installation to meet individual requirements

Our crane end carriages, which we have developed in various designs, offer flexibility and high operating reliability. These compact, modular rail-mounted travel units can be connected direct to crane girders and load-bearing structures. Our end carriages consist of a torsionally rigid box section and complete travel units with geared motors and wheels from the Demag modular system, which can be configured for all load capacity ranges. These combinations result in solutions to meet specific application requirements for safe crane and machinery travel motions that are kind to the rails.


DFW end carriages

Travel solutions for overhead travelling and suspension cranes

DFW end carriages


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