Loads precisely held in balance


Operating modes to meet individual needs


Perfect ergonomics


Intuitive, direct control of the load


Load attachment to meet your specific needs

Weightless guiding and positioning of loads

Sensitive parts need to be handled smoothly and gently, workpieces have to be positioned with maximum precision.  The Demag E-Balancer is a solution for these demanding tasks. The E-Balancer acts like an extension to the operator’s arm for maximum safety and ergonomics.
The E-Balancer is the ideal tool for special applications that require load guidance with positioning accuracy down to the last millimetre. It enables all load pick-up, transport and positioning applications to be implemented to meet your exact needs.

  • Special operating modes  for weightless guiding and positioning of loads  
  • Intuitive control of lifting and lowering motions without the need to press buttons
  • Ergonomic handle for fatigue-free operation
  • Rugged technology to meet industrial demands
  • High safety and reliability due to continuous load monitoring
  • Service-friendly thanks to plug-&-play connections


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